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train etiquette

I cross my legs, tuck and secure any loose strand of me - acutely aware that I’m expected to take less than I need. I chapstick my lips but worry - is unscented still too scented? Be mindful of your actions, they say. He sprawls legs and arms, takes four seats when he fits well… Continue reading train etiquette

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a rambling: rebirth

Do you ever catch yourself feeling like being made human was a total sham? Do you have those days where you look out of glasses you tried so hard to color "rose", and all you see is a smog of miserable humans for miles and miles any which way you look? People grumbling under their… Continue reading a rambling: rebirth

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When I set my sight solely on creating space, I feel too fleeting. Unconfined. Directionless, even. I tilt, I topple, I lose all sense of control. When I double down on gaining control, I become mangled - enveloped into a rigid version of myself, slowly losing touch with both the beauty and necessity of spaciousness.… Continue reading tug-of-war

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all your humanness

you're not a brandyou're a person a sometimes messylittle bit stressystill loved for the resty type of biped an evolutionary rebel chillin' on outer space debris the fabrics of your beingweren't meant to be stripped and sewn into a trendy color palettethe vibrance of your words wasn’t designed to be squished into the confinement of… Continue reading all your humanness

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Espresso dripped into my mug one drop at a time. I stared off with heavy eyes that would soon widen with its effects. My tired gaze skimmed onto a bag of all-purpose flour on the kitchen counter. I told my sister that I would make honey vanilla cupcakes for her baby shower next weekend. Since… Continue reading all-purpose

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one pond sat unassumingly as bypassers swung by to make sense of tangled thoughts. they skipped small pebbles along its glassy surface. each one rippled small, silent waves. the water became a friendly vector - a deliberate carrier of constant motion. every micro-oscillation offered a gentle nudge for the catfish and bluegills; a serenading bobble… Continue reading counterculture

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lessons in receiving

hastily seeking the keys to my apartment, i plunge five lanky fingers into the side pocket of my backpack. immediate and unexpected findings warn me that i won't be getting what i came here for. my hand dives into the void of an open mug, now traveling a forgotten land of once-warm coffee and cream.… Continue reading lessons in receiving